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When it comes to booking a service, inquiring about our service plans, or procuring spare parts and accessories for your Isuzu vehicle, Key Durban is your dependable destination. Our team understands the paramount importance of top-notch workmanship, cutting-edge tools, and reliable equipment in the realm of vehicle maintenance and repairs. We exclusively stock genuine Isuzu spare parts and accessories, and our commitment lies in delivering flawless craftsmanship.

Key Durban mechanics are trained & experienced professionals

At Key Isuzu, our mechanics are not only trained but also highly experienced professionals. Our mission is to keep your vehicle running efficiently and cost-effectively for an extended period while prioritizing your safety. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology, our adept team excels in providing swift, cost-effective repairs, replacements, and maintenance.

At Key Isuzu Durban, we only stock & source genuine Isuzu Parts

We take great pride in stocking and sourcing only genuine Isuzu parts. Whether you need to discuss your specific requirements or source Isuzu spare parts, we are here to help. Through our network of providers, we can locate the most cost-effective solution for you, regardless of the size or specificity of your needs. Our goal is to find the most suitable and affordable option to meet your motoring needs.

Ready to book a service or get a quote for spare parts? Simply provide your details in the form and the Key Isuzu Durban team will reach out to you promptly to evaluate your servicing or parts requirements. Your satisfaction and the optimal performance of your Isuzu vehicle are our priorities.