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Interesting facts about Suzuki

Suzuki is a brand which has been running for over 100 years and surprisingly had nothing to do with cars at its inception. Let’s look at some key milestones in the storied history of Suzuki.

An il-loom-inating start

1909 – 1929

Japanese businessman and inventor Michio Suzuki establishes “Suzuki Loom Works”, a company focused on producing fabric weaving machines.

The shift to motoring

1937 – 1952

Michio Suzuki diversifies Suzuki’s offering by experimenting with the creation of light passenger motor vehicles. He had developed various prototypes, including a liquid-cooled, four-stroke, four-cylinder engine, that generated 13 horsepower from a displacement less than 800cc

The dream is born

1954 – 1983

Suzuki Loom Works officially became Suzuki Motor Co. and produces its first passenger vehicle, the Suzuki Suzulight. Through many trials and tribulations, Suzuki Motor Co. persisted and went on to achieve many motoring accolades. One example is their new 50cc Suzuki motorbike (ridden by Ernst Degner) having its first victory in the Isle of Man TT Race competition.

Driving from strength to strength

1987 – present day

By the late 80’s, Suzuki was exporting over 2 million vehicles annually with average annual production reaching 10 million vehicles. Today, Suzuki has 102 dealers across South Africa alone and has sold over 200 000 vehicles since 2008.

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