Careers at Key Durban

3 Reasons To Join Our Team:

Strong Reputation

Key Durban has established a solid reputation in the automotive industry. Joining the team means being part of a respected organization with a history of professionalism and commitment to customer service. This reputation can be a source of pride for employees and provide a strong foundation for your career.

Professional Growth

Key Durban offers opportunities for professional development and growth. Whether you're starting your career in the automotive field or have years of experience, you can benefit from training, mentorship, and opportunities to advance within the company. The commitment to excellence and the hands-on approach to customer service also provide valuable learning experiences.

Team Environment

Working at Key Durban means being part of a dedicated and customer-focused team. The emphasis on building strong customer relationships and providing outstanding service creates a positive work environment. Collaborating with like-minded colleagues who are committed to transparency and exceptional customer care can make your work experience enjoyable and fulfilling.

Watch this space to see when we have vacancies.

Our Current Vacancies

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